Most Popular Promotional Items

  • Aug 19, 2019


 Figuring out which custom printed items to use for your next promotion can be a daunting task,  given there are thousands of choices!  I look for items that are useful, therefore,  customers  are most likely to keep them. 


Using data from a 2016 Ad Impressions Study,  we know that promotional products are one of the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising mediums around.

U.S. consumers were asked which promotional products they currently owned.  Promotional items were defined as items that include mugs, pens, tee shirts, key chains etc., that have an advertisers logo on them and are usually given away for free such as at a trade show. 


#1 Tee Shirts are the item that is most often owned by consumers.  There are inexpensive promo weight tees and high quality name brand tees with multicolored graphics.  It might be worth spending  the extra money to produce a cool tee shirt people will want to wear vs a cheap one that eventually gets tossed.  Volume is key to keeping production costs down.  At 144 and up, we do not charge set up charges and offer free shipping.  


#2 Promotional Drinkware.  Over half the people in the US own some type of promotional drinkware!

From really cool double wall stainless insulated tumblers,  to inexpensive ceramic logo mugs that start at .99, people love promotional drinkware!   Customized Beer pint glasses are a great choice too, especially with the beer loving tech crowd.   Don’t forget to consider perceived value;  A $4.99 stainless tumbler that looks like one that would retail for $15.00 is more likely to be kept and even treasured for years!  Most recently, we have begun to offer laser engraved Yeti  wine tumblers for those wanting a high end promotional item.  These make a great, classy corporate gift, click here to see Yeti wine tumblers:

#3 Custom Tote Bags


Promotional  tote bags are particularly great for marketing because they are extremely useful.  With some states banning plastic grocery bags, reusable totes are a perfect opportunity to get your logo out there to be seen.  Some cotton totes come with extra-long handles so the bag can be worn cross body style.  BP Promo prints custom tote bags and can help you design a great bag for your event.  Tote bags can be made of many materials but the most popular are typically made of non-woven polypropylene or cotton.  Both of these materials come in different weights and the heavier the material, the stronger the bag.  If you are considering printing a large quantity of custom printed tote bags and your quantity is in the thousands, BP Promo can print the fabric first and then cut and sew the material into bags with an "all over print" (see picture).   For smaller quantities, we take ready made bags and print them, as we would print a tee shirt. Call BP Promo 800-763-6005 to speak with a bag expert! 


#4 Writing Instruments



50% of U.S. consumers own promotional writing instruments.  Everyone needs a pen!  Promotional pens are useful and have longevity.  I still have pens that I picked up from a resort 20 years ago!  Order good quality pens to ensure they will work for a long time.  From years of doing this, I would like to suggest to keep the message simple on a pen. Some of our customers ask to have a ton of information on a pen and since the side of a pen is pretty small, we have to print in tiny letters to fit everything and some would find it hard to read.  My advice is to just keep it simple and bold. Save the minutia for a business card or a larger item. 





#5 Promotional USB Drives



Utility is Key.  91% of recipients  keep promotional USB drives because they are useful.  There are tons of stock USB Drives that can be imprinted with a logo or message and for those who want something unique, USB drives can be custom made into shapes, such as a miniature race car or lipstick tube.  Ask about our data pre load service.  We can have your data put on the drive for free in most cases so when your customers plug in the drive, your information is already on the drive. 


#6 Umbrellas



One of my personal favorites!  There are many different types of umbrellas on the market, traditional, automatic, compact, bubble and storm umbrellas with vents.  Custom printed umbrellas are a useful item that people are sure to keep.  Usually a logo is printed on one of the fabric panels but for a more subtle look the handle can be laser engraved or be embedded with a medallion or metal tag.  In some models, we can print the entire surface of the fabric either on the outside or on the inside or both. In larger quantities, pricing can be under $5.00 for an excellent quality umbrella with your logo! 


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